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Wk7 – Art Experience – Counterfactual Identity

BEFORE: This is my everyday look. I’m always wearing legging with either a long sleeve or a t-shirt. Dressing comfy is a must for me.
AFTER: I usually never curl my hair or wear makeup, unless I’m going to a fancy event. Even when I do wear makeup it is never this full glam.
AFTER: I got this fancy shirt for my head shots for my high school senior pictures and I never wore it again until this day.

My go to look is a very casual and comfy look. My friends will find me wearing leggings and a t-shirt I probably got from a vacation I have went on or jeans and a shirt. I also rarely do my makeup. However when I do, its very light with some concealer and some light eyeshadow. For this activity I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and glam up a bit before I went out with my friends this week. In the before picture you can get a sense of my daily casual look.

My plan was to dress up fancy and have a full glam makeup look before I met up to hang out with my friends. I had one of my friends who is very good at makeup help me do mine since I have no idea what I am doing. I wore a fancy blouse my mom bought me for my senior photos in high school, a nice pair of blue jeans, and one of my nice sandals I usually wear when I go to fancy events. I felt like a business women wearing the outfit I was wearing. I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of my friends reactions to my look.

When I eventually met up with them, they were shocked at my appearance. They were hyping me up and joking around by saying things like “dang! who is she”, “you acting brand new!”, “you look fire”, etc. They told my I looked amazing and that it was weird to see me dressed up since I am always in casual clothes. My friends treated me the same as always after the initial shock since they know I am still the same person. Changing your appearance does not change who you are. I realized that there is defiantly a stereotype for the way certain people dress. For example, when I was finished getting dresses I associated my fancy blouse with a business women. My friends also agreed that I could pass as a business major if they were to see me walking around campus like I was dresses.


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