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Wk6 – Art Experience – Shocking Art

Dozens of jelly fish encaged in a small tank for display

My friend volunteers at an aquarium and invited me to come see all the different animals. I was thrilled to see all the beautiful fish. Once I got there I began to realize that there was so many fish put into one tank that was defiantly not big enough for them. These marine animals are pulled from their homes and put into tiny boxes that will never compare to the size of the ocean. I learned that the life expectancy of some of the marine animals in the aquariums is generally shorter than the ones in the ocean.

I believe that these animals should not be held captive just for entertainment. Places like Sea World take these animals out of their homes, away from their mothers, and force them to do tricks for food. However, since some of these aquariums contain animals that aquarium contains animals that were permanently injured due to human activity it should be human responsibility to take care of that animal and then later release it. That only should be the soul reason to have aquariums, nurse, educate, and release.

If I were to do this again I would do a few things differently. Instead of getting close to the tank and just photographing the fish I will step back and take a picture of the small tanks they keep them in.

Sharks and other sea animals displayed in a large tank with a tunnel so people can view them.

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