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Extra Credit- Disney Hall & Grand Central Market

This week I went down to Los Angeles with my cousin to get a break from studying for midterms. We stopped by the Disney Concert Hall for the first time. I was surprised at the size of the building itself. I reminded me of the “Now” sculpture on the CSULB campus. My initial though was that it did not look like a building. It looked more like an art sculpture. The light was reflecting off the different pieces of metal that made up the building creating an effect of different shades on each side. It made me wonder how it was possible to create each piece and make them bend the way they did.

Right before we went to Grand Central Market we went to check out the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which were extremely close to each other. It was really cool to see all the light up signs they had up to advertise all the little shops. It reminded me of the Anaheim Packing District, which is a similar building with a bunch of small restaurants inside. I had a tasty lunch at the Olio Wood Fired Pizzeria. I would defiantly come back to the Grand Central Market to try all the other restaurants inside.


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