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Wk12 – Art Experience – My Virtual Art Gallery

This is my igloo on the virtual world of Club Penguin Online. In order to obtain or buy any items on club penguin you must get coins first. You can get coins from playing games and from help from your puffles (pets on CP). There is a variety of igloos to choose from and they each have a different price range. For my igloo I went with a studio and theater theme. Club Penguin Online is fan remake of Disney’s Club Penguin that was around back in 2005-2017. It strives to make the game as similar as possible to the original game. I was very excited when I found out that someone had recreated it as it brought back many memories from my childhood. I used to play this game all the time with my friends and cousins before we had cellphones as it was a way to chat and play games together without physically being with each other.

This is the igloo of one of my fellow classmates, Sofia. Here you can see the professor and other students have a good time in her igloo. I liked the lay out of her igloo and how colorful she had made it. It was an interesting experience taking a virtual tour of a classmates igloo as our class time and straying away from the normal lectures.

This is my igloo in the virtual world of Club Penguin Re-Written. I went for a normal home look with my igloo as I have a home gym, living and dinning room, office, and entry way. Club Penguin Re-Written is another spin off of the original Club Penguin that was created before Club Penguin Online. I have had this account much longer than my CP online account since that is fairly new. The main difference between the two remakes is that CP online has a lot more features that were on the original club penguin and have many more option for players.


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