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Wk11 – Art Experience – Vlogging

Here is my vlog! Hope you enjoy!

My goals for this video was to simply have fun and not worry about being a perfectionist. I wanted to talk about some things I have been doing during the quarantine. I talk about trying new things. I even show a video I have been working on since I learned how to use imovie. This quarentine has given me some time to take advantage of this free time and try new things. Although, there is many times where I am sitting and spending hours scrolling through social media and youtube. I think it okay to do this since we are human and we don’t constantly need to be doing something productive. It is sometimes fun to just lounge and kill some time on the internet. With that being said, I do believe I accomplished my goal with this vlog. I was able to have a casual conversation with the camera and show some examples of what I have created with my free time. If I were to do this again I would want to incorporate more music and visual examples of the things I created. I probably will not create another vlog for the entire internet to see. If I did create one it would be for my friends and family.

My favorite You-tuber is YesTheory. Their ability to use their platform to inspire and encourage others astonishes me. They are truly great people. They have created a community for their viewers to fall on each other for anything they need. Their moto is to seek discomfort and they convey their messages in their videos incredibly well. I enjoy that they jump back and forth from a narrative over videos to regular video clips in their videos. If there is one thing I can take away from their videos it would be to go outside my comfort zone and not worry about what others think of me.

Authenticity is that act of being genuine and true to who you are in whatever you do. YesTheory imbibes authenticity. Performance is the process of carrying out an action that can be based off something real or false. Authenticity and performance can exist together. There are performances that can be real and authentic, however there can also be performances that are well done but not authentic as they aren’t genuine. The viewer the one who can decide what it is. I think both of the clips of Jennifer Aniston were authentic however, the clip at the studio was more of a performance than a sit down genuine interview. When there is a bunch of cameras, a live studio audience, and she is able to know her questions before the interview it becomes more of a scripted performance than an interview. She may be saying what she feels but it is not a casual conversation.


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