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Wk4 – Art Experience – Drinking & Drawing

When I found out that this week’s art experience was a drawing experience I was excited. That was until I realized that I had to post my drawings and that I had to draw people. I really enjoy drawing because it’s very therapeutic and helps me take my mind of the stressful things I have going on in my life but I am not very good at drawing. That aside, I had a great time drawing with my classmates, Sofia and Aaron. It was fun getting to know them and talking about things we relate to as college students. We all agreed that we were not the best at drawing so we had so much fun showing our drawings of each other and laughing at the fact that they looked terrible. There will definitely be days where I just want to draw and relax as it is not something I do because I am good at it, but I will continue to do it because it is fun and makes me happy.

If I were to practice drawing for 100 or 1,000 hours I would definitely get better at drawing. I believe that practice makes progress and without it you can’t get better. 

I am currently a kinesiology major with an option in exercise science. Sketches can be very useful in my major in portraying the kinematics of a movement, and drawing out different parts of the body. They are used to show a series of movements all the time. I always sketch out body parts and the body articulations to help myself and others visualize different motions. It is sometimes easier to show someone a drawing for a visualization than it is to understand what someone is saying.

Sketch used to illustrate movement

Language does not need to be verbal. It is simply a method of communication. Drawing is another form of language. Sometimes drawing can speak more than words. It can be hard to convey a message or speak what’s on your mind so things like drawing, painting, and even dancing can make it so one can communicate what they are trying to say in a different way. 


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