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Wk5 – Art Experience – Storytelling (Photography)

This is my grandmother, Dahiben. She was born and raised in India. She loves to serve her family. I call her Dadi, which is grandma in Gujarati. Here you can she is preparing to make one of her favorite Indian foods called Rotla. Rotla is essentially a millet flatbread.
My grandmother only speaks Gujarati. She is very traditional and wanted to teach me some of her traditional Indian recipes. Here she is adding salt water to the millet flour a little at a time. She says she does this so it doesn’t clump up.
The only tools she uses while making the rotla’s are her hands. She says that utensils do not really get anything done and in India people do not really use utensils.
Here she is grabbing a piece of the dough and begins forming it into a ball by swirling it between her palms.
Here my grandma is flattening the same piece of dough with into a round, thin rotlo (flatbread). This is also only done by hand.
My grandma is putting the rotlo on the thavi (a clay rounded pan) until it gets crisp on one side.
Here you can see that she has flipped it over. She told me that you are not to press down on it even if it doesn’t touch the pan. This is because the heat will cook it through and crisp it on its own.
My grandma poses for a picture showing the rotlo she showed me how to make. She said that these are best to eat with pickled chilies, daikon, or some curry.

I choose to show my grandmother cooking because I love spending time with her and want to cherish all the moments we have together. She is always telling me to watch her cook so I can learn all of her Indian recipes. My grandmother does most of the cooking at my house so I thought it would be a great way to show that I appreciate what she does for me. I also wanted to show a little bit of my culture by showing traditional Indian food.

I think I did a great job showing the different steps of making a traditional Indian food item. It also captures my grandmother’s love for serving her family. The best image of my story is the last image where my grandmother is smiling and showing off the finished product. It encapsulates her love for cooking and her caring personality through her smile.

I love all the images in my photostory and I think each of them add onto the story in their own way. However, if I were to do this activity again I would incorporate more of the surroundings instead of being so close up. I would also like to include my family members at the end by showing everyone enjoying the meal. Lastly, if I were to do another photostory I would like to do it on, life as a college student. I would follow a friend around and capture moments throughout their day.


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