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Wk14 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

Here is the final product of my graffiti drawing of my name!

For this weeks art experience I was tasked to do some graffiti art work. Unfortunately due to the the Corona Virus Pandemic that is going on right now I was not able to go out and do some real graffiti with spray paint. Instead of going out and to spray paint a wall I opted to draw out my name on some paper using a pencil and colored pencils. Before I wrote out my name I looked at some graffiti letter on instagram for some inspiration. I wanted to create a simple look. I started out my writing out the bubble letters with a pencil. I was able to erase some imperfections and while I did that I realized that if I were to spray paint a wall I would not be able to erase my mistakes. I then colored the letters in with a light pink colored pencil and created a thick outline with a darker shade of pink. I wanted to add more depth to it so I outlined the letter in black. Most of the pictures I saw on instagram had a paint drips coming down from the work and I wanted to create that effect on my drawing by using the black colored pencil to do that. I enjoyed my experience writing my name in graffiti letter, however, I would have felt more liberated if I was able to go out and do some real graffiti with spray paint.

Blank Canvas

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