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Wk10 – Art Experience – Drawing & Your Brain!

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to create my cognitive map of the CSULB campus. I ended up opting with simple shapes that are representative of the buildings themselves. I began drawing out the buildings and structures of lower campus that I was familiar with. I am familiar with lower campus since I would have to run laps around lower campus for my kinesiology class. I realized how more I love lower campus and it is reflective on my cognitive map drawing since I took most of the page to draw it out and had to cram the upper campus buildings in a corner. Since I am a kinesiology major I spend a lot more time on lower campus. The environment on lower campus is much more relaxed, chill, and happier. My drawing is defiantly not spaced out correctly and does not reflect sizing of campus. I enjoyed doing this activity because it gave me something to do while in quarantine for this global pandemic.

For the human spirograph activity I did not have anyone to the activity with but I still completed the same steps. Unfortunately my family still has to work through this pandemic so I opted to this by myself. I closed my eyes and let my hands do what ever they wanted. I used a pencil since I do not have oil paints. After I finished my spirograph I turned the paper and noticed it had a cool rhythm to it. I used my color pencils to trace the lines with different colors. I though it looked like a sunset over a sun so I used colors that reflected that. I had fun doing this while watching some Netflix and drinking some Coca-Cola.


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