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Wk3 – Art Experience – Finding Art

My group and I came to the conclusion that the form of our art was a mixture of both organic and inorganic materials. The entire piece itself was small compared to the world around it. The plant coming through the cement was bright, soft, and the leaves were a bit fuzzy as they had some hair life features on them. Both the cement and the plant were highly textured as there were many cracks in the rough cement and many bumps and lines all over the plant. There was a very minimalistic aesthetic to it as it only focused on one thing and had a small color pallet. It has a calming and inspiring effect on viewers as it is something that is living coming from cement with no other life in sight. My group and I named the piece “Persevere”. It is symbolic that not matter what happens life will persevere anywhere, so no matter where you are in life even you can thrive through all odds.

For my group and I, our art piece was art before we decided to put a frame around it and will continue to be art once the frame is removed. Others may not view it as art, because as we discussed in class art resides in the experience of the viewer. I view it as art because I saw power through it. It caught my eye because it was screaming “I will rise up”. My group and I all had a moment to discuss the beauty of nature and how amazing it is that it will find its way through cement.

Art does not necessarily need to be an object. Some might preserve dancing, cooking, swimming, or anything they do to express themselves as art as well.

Art resides in the experience of the viewer. Looking at a palm tree can be a completely different experience than how someone else chooses to view it. I see the leaves of palm trees as relaxing as they sway through the wind and the vibrant colors that radiate from the tree are calming and always make me think about all the fun summer memories I’ve had. Someone else may simply just see it as an ordinary tree and nothing else. It is one’s choice to accept something as art and take the time to create a moment with the piece.


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